Sunday, February 26, 2017

Gorgeous Blue Topaz - December's Birthstone - Blue Topaz Jewelry from Beautiful Silver Jewelry

Blue topaz - Moonstone - Garnet Sterling Silver Earrings
December babies are very lucky to have the beautiful Blue Topaz as their gemstone. See our list of gemstone birthstones.

Blue topaz is similar in color to aquamarine....i t's a goregous blue color in varying degrees of blue.

Blue topaz is the Zodiac Gemstone for Sagittarius. 

And, if you were born on a Friday, blue topaz is Friday's Day-Of-Birth Gemstone.

Blue topaz is said to enhance one's communicative abilities, helping to more easily and clearly express oneself.

And blue topaz is also believed to enhance one's spiritual potential, to increase intelligence and creativity, and to impart wisdom and wealth!

Possibly the most famous topaz of all is a large gemstones that is set in the Portuguese Crown and was once mistaken for a diamond.

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Blue Topaz and Peridot Sterling Silver Pendant

Emerald Cut Blue Topaz and Pearl Sterling Silver Earrings

Blue Topaz and Moonstone Large Statement Pendant in Sterling Silver

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Tanz said...

In October 2002 the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) adopted a relatively new gemstone, TANZANITE, as a December birthstone, joining zircon and turquoise.