Sunday, February 26, 2017

Press Release for Beautiful Silver Jewelry

Beautiful Silver ( carries handcrafted designs that can't be found in any mall or department store and they've been online since 2000.

Their jewelry is sold only online - and they have become one of the most popular jewelry sites for unique and AFFORDABLE custom designer sterling silver and fashion jewelry.

"Our designs are tasteful, elegant, where we're added our own approach to classic motifs, with a custom flair," we offer a wide variety of pendants, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Each piece features dramatic sterling silver settings for some of the world's most brilliantly-colored gemstones: in combinations of blue topaz, garnet citrine, iolite, amethyst, peridot, green quartz and multi gemstone combinations. We also carry luminescent moonstone and elegant black onyx and lapis luzuli.

Beautiful Silver Jewelry's Internet-only approach is succeeding. The site's sales from repeat customers are one of their fastest growing segments. "Once new customers have the jewelry in their hands, they often return to her site to order more," says BSJ "It's difficult for anyone to order something so delicate and personal from the Internet without seeing it in person. But once
they see our quality, they're always very pleased."

How can an online site compete with stores where customers can see the products in person? "This is one of the benefits we have. Because we don't pay thousands a month in rent like stores do, our site can offer much higher quality jewelry than stores can at prices they can't come close to."

"I get many emails from delighted customers who love their new jewelry. That's why it feels so great to be in this business." says the owner of BSJ.

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Lily said...

Very ornate and attractive jewelry.