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925 Sterling Silver Explained - Beautiful Silver Jewelry

Sterling silver jewelry is also known as 925 silver and is 92.5 percent pure silver. The remaining 7.5 percent of alloy, usually copper, is added to strengthen the silver.

If the silver content was higher than 92.5%, the silver itself would be much too soft and it would twist, bend and show scratches and mars. This mix of silver and alloy keeps the silver bright and shiny, yet tough and long-lasting.

gemstone pendant sterling silver
The gemstone pendant show above is handcrafted in prong-set blue topaz, garnet, citrine, amethyst and peridot set in 925 sterling silver.  See all of our gemstone pendants and necklaces

Visit us at BEAUTIFUL SILVER JEWELRY - and browse all of our earrings, bracelets, necklaces and pendant designs, and rings in sterling silver.... as well as our custom handcrafted leather and stone 5x wrap bracelets!

You'll find great silver jewelry as well as gemstone jewelry with a rainbow of genuine gemstones: garnet, amethyst, citrine, peridot, moonstone, iolite, peridot, pearls, and much more.

Gorgeous Blue Topaz - December's Birthstone - Blue Topaz Jewelry from Beautiful Silver Jewelry

Blue topaz - Moonstone - Garnet Sterling Silver Earrings
December babies are very lucky to have the beautiful Blue Topaz as their gemstone. See our list of gemstone birthstones.

Blue topaz is similar in color to aquamarine....i t's a goregous blue color in varying degrees of blue.

Blue topaz is the Zodiac Gemstone for Sagittarius. 

And, if you were born on a Friday, blue topaz is Friday's Day-Of-Birth Gemstone.

Blue topaz is said to enhance one's communicative abilities, helping to more easily and clearly express oneself.

And blue topaz is also believed to enhance one's spiritual potential, to increase intelligence and creativity, and to impart wisdom and wealth!

Possibly the most famous topaz of all is a large gemstones that is set in the Portuguese Crown and was once mistaken for a diamond.

View all of the gorgeous blue topaz earrings, necklaces and bracelets set in sterling silver at Beautiful Silver Jewelry Blue Topaz Jewelry Collection

Blue Topaz and Peridot Sterling Silver Pendant

Emerald Cut Blue Topaz and Pearl Sterling Silver Earrings

Blue Topaz and Moonstone Large Statement Pendant in Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Malachite Pendant Necklace

sterling silver malachite gemstone pendant
Malachite Pendant

Another very popular green gemstone is Malachite. It has waves of light and dark green minerals which look great next to sterling silver.

Our new Malachite Pendant Necklace has accents of sterling silver leaves and silver decorations surrounding it.

Nature Inspired 925 Sterling Silver Silver Jewelry - Dolphins, Whales, Dragonflies and More

Our unique, fun sterling silver NATURE JEWELRY makes a great gift - for someone special or for yourself!

Smiling sterling silver dolphin pendants are inscribed with foaming waves:

smiling dolphin pendant necklaces 925 sterling silver
Smiling Dolphin Pendant 925 Sterling Silver

Check out our Whale's Tail pendant, perfect for men or women.  A substantially sized 925 sterling silver pendant that comes with an 18" sterling silver chain

Whale's Tail Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

Beautifully crafted dragonfly gemstone pendants handcrafted with amethyst or moonstone gemstones or simply in all sterling silver:
Amethyst Dragonfly Pendant
Moonstone Dragonfly Pendant
Sterling Silver Dragonfly Pendant

A Pretty and Unique Artistic Honu Hawaiian Turtle with Silver Swirls:

Sterling Silver Swirl Turtle Pendant

A highly detailed happy, jumping fish sterling silver pendant:
Happy Fish Sterling Silver Pendant

These are just some of Beautiful Silver Jewelry's new "nature inspired" pendants and earrings from Beautiful Silver Jewelry's  Nature Jewelry Collection

Suffragette Style Jewelry from Beautiful Silver Jewelry

We've designed our Suffragette Style contemporary pieces using the Green, White and Violet colors of suffragette jewelry of the Edwardian period.  
SuffragetteSuffragette style earrings Jewelry had Green peridot, White pearls and Violet amethyst gemstones which symbolized the Green (G), White (W), and Violet (V) colors that were used in the suffragette movement which represented the slogan Give Women The Vote (GWV).  
View our custom jewelry designs styled with the Green, White and Violet gemstones of the movement. 
Click to see our two unique pendants and earrings from the   Suffragette Style Jewelry Designs Collection

January's Birthstone is Garnet - Garnet Jewelry from Beautiful Silver Jewelry

allure garnet earrings sterling silver
Allure Garnet Gemstone Dangle Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver
Beautiful, red garnets have been revered throughout history. Garnet jewelry has been found to be worn as far back as 3100 B.C. throughout Europe, Egypt and Sumeria and was very popular in ancient Rome. Native American tribes used garnets in shield decorations and jewelry as they believed garnets had strong medicinal powers and protection against poisons and wounds.

Allure Garnet Pendant Handcrafted in Sterling Silver

The garnet family comprises a proud variety of the noblest and finest gemstones. Despite its great wealth of colors, the classic garnet is red.

The knights of the Crusades wore them as talismans against poison and wounding. Emperor Otto received from his son the valuable carbuncle gem that adorned the form German emperor's crown under the name of "the wise one". Queen Victoria also played the role of trendsetter for the garnet gemstone. According to legend, Noah used a finely cut, glowing garnet to illuminate the ark.

Garnets are said to enhance creativity and understanding, and to bring success in business. It is also said to symbolize happiness, love and friendships.

BIRTHSTONE: Garnet is January's Modern and Traditional Birthstone

ZODIAC STONE: An astrologic version of birthstones, selecting gemstones by astrological sign. Capricorn - (December 21 to January 21) - Garnet

DAY-OF-BIRTH STONE: Birthstones may also be selected based on the day of the week of birth. Garnet is Tuesday's day-of-birth stone.

View Beautiful Garnet Jewelry

Glossary of Gemstone Terms from Beautiful Silver Jewelry

Gemstone and Jewelry Glossary of Terms

The minerals of the earth provide priceless treasure - however, few minerals are used just as they come from the ground, most require some changes to make them useful. Gemstones must be cut and polished before their true beauty shows.

Alloy - a mixture of two or more metals or a mixture of a metal with another substance. 925 sterling silver is actually a combination of 92.5% silver and an alloy of 7.5% of copper or another metal. The addition of the alloy helps to enhance your silver jewelry and does not in any way detract from its quality.

Cabochon - a gem cut so that the stone has a smooth rounded top, a flat bottom and no facets. The usual shape for cabochons are round or oval, though they may be found in other distictive shapes.

Carat - the unit of weight for gems. One carat equals 0.2 grams (0.007 ounces) or 200 milligrams.

Clarity - a measure of how clear and free of flaws a gemstone is.

Cut - the shape in which a gem is finished. Common cuts include the round, marquis, pear, heart and emerald and cushion-cut. A person who cuts and polishes gemstones is called a lapidary. There are two basic types of finished stones: faceted stones and cabachons.

Facet - (noun) one of the small, flat, polished surfaces on a cut gem.

Facet - (verb) to cut or grind facets on a gemstone.

Gem - a beautiful, rare and durable mineral that has been cut and polished for use as a jewel.

Girdle - the wides section of a faceted stone. The top and bottom facets come together at the girdle.

Luster - the way the surface of a stone looks when it reflects light.

Minerals - solid materials that naturally occur on Earth, other planets, moons and meteorites. There are approximately 3,000 different kinds of minerals on Earth, but only about a hundred are common.

Vitreous - have a glassy luster.

Cushion Cut Faceted Green Amethyst Gem Bezel Set in 925 Sterling Silver

For more information on minerals visit:
Minerals - Wikipedia

Show Your Love On Mother's Day with Sterling Silver Gemstone Jewelry

Trying to figure out just what to get Mom on Mother's Day?

Sterling silver jewelry set with genuine gemstones would be perfect!
Sterling silver is now the most fashionable jewelry trend - it looks great with every style, day into evening. And with the skyrocketing prices of gold, sterling silver jewelry is the most affordable precious metal jewelry you can buy.

Don't you think Mom will love getting gemstones in her favorite color? If she loves pink, choose the lovely rose quartz gemstone. If green is her passion, choose peridot. A pretty yellow gemstone is citrine. Dark blue can be iolite or lapis lazuli.

If Mom loves purple, if she wears pastels, she'll love our big selection of amethyst jewelry. Our unique green kyanite is shot with black lines and the necklace, earring and bracelet are accented with pearls. Black onyx jewelry looks cool, artsy and sophisticated.

And if she loves pearls, our pearl earrings and necklaces will be a hit. Does she consider jade lucky? If so, give Mom our jade, amethyst and freshwater pearl necklace.

If Mom loves diamonds, be sure to see our cubic zirconia collection. We use only the finest, premium CZs - and she will be wowed by it's supremely elegant look.

Can't figure out if the earrings work or the pendant is just right? Then choose a bracelet!! We've got amazing sterling silver bracelets set with the most gorgeous gemstones - it's the perfect present for Mom!

Press Release for Beautiful Silver Jewelry

Beautiful Silver ( carries handcrafted designs that can't be found in any mall or department store and they've been online since 2000.

Their jewelry is sold only online - and they have become one of the most popular jewelry sites for unique and AFFORDABLE custom designer sterling silver and fashion jewelry.

"Our designs are tasteful, elegant, where we're added our own approach to classic motifs, with a custom flair," we offer a wide variety of pendants, earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

Each piece features dramatic sterling silver settings for some of the world's most brilliantly-colored gemstones: in combinations of blue topaz, garnet citrine, iolite, amethyst, peridot, green quartz and multi gemstone combinations. We also carry luminescent moonstone and elegant black onyx and lapis luzuli.

Beautiful Silver Jewelry's Internet-only approach is succeeding. The site's sales from repeat customers are one of their fastest growing segments. "Once new customers have the jewelry in their hands, they often return to her site to order more," says BSJ "It's difficult for anyone to order something so delicate and personal from the Internet without seeing it in person. But once
they see our quality, they're always very pleased."

How can an online site compete with stores where customers can see the products in person? "This is one of the benefits we have. Because we don't pay thousands a month in rent like stores do, our site can offer much higher quality jewelry than stores can at prices they can't come close to."

"I get many emails from delighted customers who love their new jewelry. That's why it feels so great to be in this business." says the owner of BSJ.

Care Of Silver Jewelry - Tips from Beautiful Silver Jewelry

Amethyst and Sterling Silver Dragonfly Pendant In our
Wear your jewelry to help prevent tarnish!
Over time oxidation reactions can occur in silver jewelry, especially with sulfur and oxygen, causing silver to become tarnished.

Wearing and handling will slow the oxidation process and keep your silver polished, shiny and beautiful. It will eventually develop a beautiful silver patina. Enjoy wearing your jewelry - don't keep it tucked away just for special occasions!

Store correctly to minimize tarnish and scratches
Minimize tarnish as well as scratches by storing your jewelry in individual small plastic bags, as well as separate compartments in your jewelry box. Consider investing in a jewelry box that is lined with a 'tarnish-free' material to keep your silver bright and sparkling.

There are also anti-tarnish paper strips that you can place inside your jewelry box. Cut the strips into small pieces and place one in each small plastic bag with your jewelry. You'll find these strips at at a craft or hardware store.

Use a polishing cloth
One of the best way to clean your jewelry is with a professional jewelry polishing cloth. The cloth is treated with cleaning chemicals and not only will the cloth last a long time, it will give you an amazing shine each and every time. Silver polishing cloths are available at major supermarkets, at hardware stores and at jewelry stores. We prefer the yellow Sunshine Polishing Cloth - it's is the polishing cloth of choice at Beautiful Silver Give your jewelry a polish after wearing, and before you place it in its plastic bag. This remove oils, fingerprints and dust, and will keep your jewelry in pristine condition.

Minerals spas are great - just remove your silver before you jump in!
Please don't ever wear your silver jewelry in a mineral spa - your jewelry will turn very black.

Please don't dip!

Please.... never dip any silver jewelry in 'dip' solutions or commercial cleaning solutions even though it may say that it is for silver jewelry. Dip cleaners will work the first few times, but after that the silver jewelry may turn in color and will never look the same. And the gemstones in your silver jewelry may be damaged from the dip solution.

We do not recommend cleaning your jewelry with toothpaste and a toothbrush as this will scratch the silver.

Visit a jeweler
Take your jewelry to a jeweler about once a year. He or she will polish it and will also check the settings for your gemstones - a wise investment.

Take care of your silver jewelry now - it will last a lifetime and can be passed down as heirloom jewelry for future generations.

Gorgeous Gemstone Bracelets in 925 Sterling Silver

Looking for the perfect gift for a special woman? Not sure which kind of earrings she likes? Confused about what length and type of necklace fits her best?

Wonder no more. Bracelets are the perfect jewelry gift. They look great on everyone!

If you really want your gift to impress, choose genuine gemstone bracelets. You can find them in a rainbow of colors she likes and wears. And a gemstone bracelet just may be the jewelry that she adores, but will not buy for herself.

Beautiful Silver Jewelry has sterling silver bracelets in beautiful green peridot, red garnet, purple amethyst, yellow citrine, sky-blue topaz and a bevy of gemstone combinations that are sure to delight!

Custom Designed Amethyst Grape Cluster Pendant and Earrings in 925 Sterling Silver

You'll not find these anywhere else: our exclusive design.
Our special grape cluster jewelry - perfect for the wine lover!  These pieces are handcrafted in 925 sterling silver with prong-set faceted amethysts.  
Affordable, unique and gorgeous!
Earrings, $29.  Pendant, $29.  Buy both earrings and pendant for $54.00

Amethyst Grape Cluster Jewelry, Our Exclusive Design

Gift boxed in silver foil linen box with bow, and ready to give or to send directly to the recipient.

Heirloom Jewelry - Cushion Cut Green Amethyst Pendant in Ornate Sterling Silver

Our Oval Faceted Green Amethyst Pendant is simply stunning!

Surrounded by ornate swirls of sterling silver in a wide, upstanding bezel the pendant is beautiful enough without the gemstone! But add the faceted 7 1/2 carat cushion-cut green amethyst gem and this pendant is one you'll treasure.

 A wonderful gift for someone you love... including you!  True heirloom jewelry

green amethyst sterling silver pendant
Cushion Cut Green Amethyst Pendant 

Beautiful Spring Dreaming - and our Peachy-Pink Crystal Bead 5x Wrap Bracelet

Love these gorgeous neutrals. Summery light breezes blowing over warm sand. We adore the khaki high-waisted capris and white ruffled neck top. We're already longing for spring.

Our handcrafted peachy-pink 5x Wrap Bracelet would look fabulous with this!
Brown Leather and Peachy-Pink Crystal Bead Wrap Bracelet

image source stills

Flirty Fun - Add An Edgy Hematite Gem 5x Wrap Bracelet To Complete The Look

Love, love, love the flirty soft folds of the scarf vest combined with the straight lines of the narrow pants. Relax, have fun, look superb.

Add to this look with a super gorgeous hematite gemstone handcrafted wrap bracelet:

black leather and hematite wrap bracelet
Hematite and Black Leather Wrap Bracelet

image credit Akira Isogawa

Ruffles To Go - Accented With a Crystal Blue Bead Wrap Bracelet

Classic styling and just the perfect amount of feminine ruffles. We love this classic simplicity, quiet palette of cream and navy, and the go-anywhere comfort.

Accent this look with gorgeous handcrafted beaded wrap bracelets from Beautiful Silver Jewelry.

leather wrap bracelet with blue crystal beads
Beautiful Blue Crystal Bead 5x Wrap Bracelet on Black Leather

image credit: jcrew

Darling in Black and White: Black Onyx and White Pearl Bracelet

From shopping to lunch to sunset yacht cruise, this beauty of this dress takes you everywhere in style. We love it's casual, graceful flair. Forget the rain and snow and blowing winds... and dream of the warmth of sun on your skin.

Enhance the dress with Sterling Silver Kate Black Onyx and Pearl Bracelet from

So elegant! Black Onyx and Pearl Bracelet and Earrings set in 925 sterling silver can be worn anytime, dressed up or down. As beautiful with jeans and a sweater as it is with your little black dress. Our handcrafted bracelet has links of rectangular cabachon cut black onyx gems interspersed with round bezel set freshwater pearls. Extra links in the bracelet makes this adjustable for every size wrist from 6 to 8 inches (if you're giving this as a gift... this will fit even if you don't know their wrist size).

The matching earrings have the same black onyx and pearls with a hinge between the two and handmade earwires.

Handcrafted, custom designed and found only at Beautiful Silver Jewelry - you'll love this bracelet and earring set, I guarantee it!

image credit: venus

Top This - with Citrine and Smoky Topaz Jewelry

Already dreaming of spring and summer and wearing this breezy, beautiful halter top.

And how about a pair of sterling silver smoky topaz and citrine gemstone earrings to top it off?

View all of the gemstone jewelry at Beautiful Silver Jewelry

image credit victorias secret

Sterling Silver Jewelry Is Always In Fashion!

Beautiful Silver Jewelry's Custom Design Blue Topaz and Amethyst Pendant Necklace, 925 Sterling Silver

While fashion trends travel in circles, 925 silver jewelry never goes out of style! You may remember the cute plaids and preppy clothes of decades past? They're back again in chic styles of argyle weaves, cuffed trowsers and deck shoes.

Simply said, the silver jewelry you wore yesterday, last year or last decade still looks great as ever... and is in perfect style with current fashions. Bright, sparkling silver looks as good with contemporary, new vibrant plaids as it does with crisp whites, popular grays, classic blacks and winter jewel tones.

Give a gift of silver jewelry.... long lasting style and beauty and, in the current financial weather, it's affordable for every budget. And, it's an investment: the silver price is still on the rise. The price of gold has hampered jewelry purchases for many, and while silver costs have escalated, it's still quite affordable.

High Polish 925 Sterling Silver Dolphin Pendant
The beauty of sterling silver is it's dazzling shine. Polished silver sparkles so brightly in sunlight, reflecting the light, akin to the sun shining on the waves. Silver shimmers in candlelight and gleams in moonlight. Highly polished silver compliments everything you wear. Don a pair of silver earrings, add a silver bracelet and you're ready to go. Wear a sparkling silver pendant with that tee shirt or silk dress and your perfect look is complete. The cool, sublime glow of silver is oh-so-hot!

Silver is mined throughout the world and has been in use throughout history. It has been used as currency in Ancient Athens to precious artfacts in Rome. From the Conquistadors to the settlement of the western United States, silver has had a large impact around the world for thousands of years.

So, don't think of your silver jewelry as only a pretty bauble. It is a valuable commodity and a keepsake treasure, worthy of your devotion.

Birthstones, Anniversary Gemstones and Jewelry Gifts!

pendant, necklace, sterling, silver, gemstone, jewelry
Our Exclusive Design Multi-gemstone Pendant in Iolite, Peridot, Garnet and Amethyst Gemstones

Giving a gift of jewelry?


Choose silver jewelry in her birthstone - or your Anniversary gemstone. Be creative and select something special in her Zodiac stone! See our birthstone and anniversary gemstone lists.

Or do some real sleuthing and find out exactly which day of the week she was born on and surprise her with a bracelet, earrings, necklace or pendant with her Day-Of-Birth gemstone. We know she'll be surprised and delighted! (She may not even know the day herself!) See birthstone gemstone guide.

Our heart jewelry collection has silver heart necklaces, silver heart earrings, a single heart link bracelet, floating heart pendants on delicate silver chains and pretty heart shaped celtic love knot earrings.

Since the color of love is red, we also have loads of garnet jewelry as well!

If your love is a nature lover see our nature-inspired silver jewelry. For those that love the ocean and the beach there are Sand Dollar pendants with beautiful details, a modernized, elegant starfish pendant, an open design whale's tail, a dolphin and a silver seahorse! There are also silver owls, intricately detailed silver frogs, and lacy-winged silver dragonflies. Our colored CZ tropical fish plays double duty as a pendant or a brooch! She'll love receiving one of these unique pieces!

If she loves diamonds, and you'd like the look but not the expense, view our Sterling Silver CZ Jewelry line. Outstanding diamond-like brilliance for a fraction of the cost. Very well made and will last a lifetime.

See all the gemstone jewelry designs at Beautiful Silver Jewelry